StrataPay Solutions

Payment Solutions That Fit Your Business

At StrataPay we appreciate not everyone will require the same solution for their payments therefore we have given you several options to ensure you are covered. The Payment Card and Online Payments are all available for your convenience. Please see details of each below plus a summary of which solution fits different business.


Payment Card

Take payments on-the-go with a StrataPay Merchant Card.

Whether you are at a customer's home, office or a coffee shop, with StrataPay's unique service you can accept a payment via credit card and process it immediately on your mobile or land-line in just four easy steps:

1.  Dial 1300 552 311. 
2.  Follow the prompts and enter your StrataPay merchant reference number with your own invoice and client ID number. 
3.  Enter the amount to be paid. 
4.  Enter the credit card number, expiry date and CVV number. 

You will receive an instant transaction approval plus receipt number. With StrataPay you can also have the receipt and a payment confirmation sent by SMS to you immediately. 


Online Payments

Expand your e-commerce opportunities with your own online payment gateway offering flexibility and security.

The StrataPay Web Integration Pack

How does this work? Customers place their orders in your website shopping cart. On completion they are transferred seamlessly to the StrataPay website and asked to provide their credit card details for payment.

Once payment has been made, the customer is automatically returned to your website where they can view and print out a receipt.

Security is assured. All payments are processed using highly secure SSL encryption transmission. This method uses a complex system of key exchanges between your browser and the server you are communicating with in order to encrypt the data before transmitting it across the web.

To understand which of these solutions might be used in your industry sector please check the solutions table below. 

Whatever option you choose, customers have all the information they need to pay the bill using a choice of multiple payment options.


Meeting the needs of business

Tailored solutions to fit your business.

StrataPay is perfect for the following industries. Click on the name of the industry for more information.

Solutions Table

  • Payment
  • Payment
  • Accountants
    StrataPay enables accountants to quickly generate invoices giving customers multiple payment options including BPAY, PostBillPay and credit card payments, which typically only large corporations can offer.
    StrataPay’s online payment gateway conveniently allows customers to pay for consultation, or plans online via your own website or via StrataPay’s website.
  • Consultants
    StrataPay allows you to easily generate invoices that give customers multiple payment options including BPAY, PostBillPay and credit card payments – you can even take credit card payments via a mobile phone by ringing a 1300 number or via our website on a smart phone.
    The StrataPay online payment gateway is ideal for facilitating donations via your website and is also perfect for taking payments during a charity auction.
    Clubs and Organisations
    The StrataPay invoice generation allows clubs to send out invoices to members with multiple payment options that will suit all members while at the same time reduce the amount of late payments received.
  • Design
    Our online payment gateway allows you to take credit card payments via your website or to process these yourself via our website. Six other payment options are also available to clients.
    More and more businesses are boosting sales and profits through the internet. StrataPay can provide your business with an innovative e-business tool with a secured 256 bit encrypted payment gateway.
    Event Management
    Event attendees are able book online and pay via the StrataPay online payment gateway or for attendees making a phone or e-mail booking the event manager is able to generate an invoice for payment.
  • Financial Services
    A StrataPay payment card allows payment via credit card over the phone or internet and also allows payment via BPAY or PostBillPay.
    Perfect for mobile franchise operators giving you the ability to take payments on the spot by phone or through the internet. Used extensively by Jim’s franchisees with hassle-free results.
    Gyms and Sports Centres
    The StrataPay payment card option allows you to allocate a unique number to each customer and provides up to seven different payment options for them to pay.
  • Legal Profession
    StrataPay’s online payment gateway allows customers to pay with their credit card via your firm’s website or StrataPay’s website or you are able to process payments from your own office.
    Photographic Services
    Customers can book and pay for services online and pay via the StrataPay online payment gateway or you can make the payment via our website yourself.
    Printing and Publishing
    The StrataPay online payment gateway allows you to process credit card payments from customers and receive a printable receipt. The StrataPay card options allows sales staff on the road to take credit card payments via their mobile phone – customers can also be given the option of paying via six other payment options.
  • Real Estate
    If you manage rental properties you can allocate a StrataPay card to a tenant and link this to the property. The tenant has seven payment options, and all payments are processed externally – removing cash from your office. Click to visit the RentMate website for more information.
    Schools and Universities
    SmartaPay is a special billing and payment system customised for universities and colleges to handle student fees and other receivables. We provide end-to-end automated electronic, payment and reconciliation systems integrating seamlessly with your Administration Packages. Click here to visit the SmartaPay website for more information.
    Strata/Body Corporate
    StrataPay helps to make the collection of levies quick and easy with the widest range of payment choices available in the strata industry. StrataPay is now used to collect levies for over 150,000 lots Australia-wide. Click here  to see how StrataPay integrates seamlessly with StrataMax and other strata management software.
  • Telcos
    StrataPay’s invoice generation allows you to send customers multiple payment options that only the biggest companies are usually only able to offer. In addition, the direct debit option allows for automatic payment of a customer’s account each month.
    Technology orientated companies typically have a web presence so both the StrataPay card and online payment gateway options will suit – in addition StrataPay allows on-the-spot payments of a mobile technician via a mobile phone.
    Trades and Services
    You can use your mobile phone and, together with the customer’s credit card details, you are paid on the spot at the completion of a job. You can also receive confirmation of the payment via SMS within seconds.
  • Travel and Tours
    The staff of many companies conducting tours need to collect payment away from an office. The StrataPay card and online payment gateway options suit these requirements as it allows payments via a mobile phone and through your website. Office based operations can offer clients seven payment options.
    Web Developers
    The StrataPay online payment gateway allows you to take payments using the clients credit card details. A developer may also offer the StrataPay solution for clients looking to develop an online shopping cart for their new website.
    Home Services
    If you are a carpet cleaner, a pest controller or a home cleaning service, with StrataPay you are able to be paid on the spot using the client's credit card or offering the client six other payment options. Never lose a payment again.